CHCS Credentialing Processes

The credentialing process by which Children's Healthcare System, Inc. (CHCS) authorizes and confirms that a physician, doctoral clinical psychologist or licensed independent practitioner meets its membership eligibility criteria (e.g., has appropriate education, training, qualifications/licensure, health status, malpractice history and hospital staff membership.) Criteria for CHCS membership requires that participating providers shall have clinical privileges and be in good standing with the Arkansas Children's Hospital Professional Staff.

CHCS Initial Credentialing Process

Initial Application - Practitioners expressing an interest in participation with the CHCS PHO, and/or practitioners who meet the CHCS PHO's organizational needs and administrative requirements, are invited to apply. Each applicant will complete an Arkansas Children's Hospital/CHCS PHO combined initial application packet, including a signed release granting CHCS access to key information. The application is reviewed to determine that it is complete with a copy of the practitioner's current, professional license, current, DEA registration (if applicable), and the face sheet of the applicant's current professional liability insurance policy. These materials will accompany the practitioners file along with NCQA required primary source verifications through the following approval process.

CHCS Re-credentialing Process

Re-credentialing Application - Practitioners credentials are re-reviewed on a regular basis to support the CHCS PHOs commitment to promoting quality care for our patients for continued participation. The PHO conducts individual professional provider re-credentialing up to every three (3) years as required by applicable state and federal law, insurance company and/or accrediting entity. The PHO prints a complete provider profile for the credentialing database for each practitioner to review and sign in order to help providers reduce the amount of administrative paperwork.