CHCS Board of Directors

Children's Healthcare System PHO is guided by both physician and Arkansas Children's Hospital leadership. The Board of Directors for the Children's Healthcare System PHO consists of eight (8) Arkansas Children's Hospital and Arkansas community clinic physician representatives and five (5) key hospital leadership members. There are several key committees that support the activities of the CHCS PHO and the PHO Board of Directors including the CHCS Credentials Committee, Provider Network & Payor Relations Committee and Utilization & Quality Management Committee.

Physician Members

  • Aaron Strong, MD - Community Pediatrician
  • Leah Youngblood, MD - Community Pediatrician
  • Michelle Moss, MD - Pediatric sub specialist (CCM)
  • Gresham Richter, MD - Pediatric surgical sub specialist (ENT)
  • Brant Sachleben, MD - Pediatric surgical sub specialist (ORTHO)
  • Emily Smith, MD - General Pediatrician
  • Marcus O'Brien, MD - General Pediatrician
  • Greg Sharp, MD - Chief Medical Officer*   Pediatric Neurology

?Hospital Members

  • Le'Kita Brown - Vice President - Revenue Cycle, Arkansas Children's
  • Gena Wingfield - CFO - Arkansas Children's
  • Marcy Doderer - President and CEO - Arkansas Children's
  • Jared Capouya, MD - Vice President - Quality & Safety, Arkansas Children's
  • Amy Koresdoski - Vice President - Total Rewards
  • Diana McDaniel - Vice President Operations - ACNW

Provider Network and Payor Relations Committee (PNPR)

The Provider Network and Payor Relations Committee (PNPR) is responsible for the oversight of contracting improvements or concerns, market engagement or activities and monitoring of the payor survey results of the CHCS PHO. The committee examines the CHCS PHO member's initiatives and works to identify trends in the healthcare industry.

Utilization & Quality Management Committee (UMQM)

The Utilization & Quality Management Committee (UMQM) is responsible for oversight and implementation of the CHCS utilization and quality management program. This committee works to identify opportunities to improve utilization of resources, monitor the quality and safety of care and services. The committee's goal is to identify opportunities of improvement, recommend policy decisions, and evaluate the results of quality and utilization management activities to institute suggestions of action to the CHCS Board or Directors.